Two tasty types: NORMAL and GOLD. Come and get ‘em!

In the realm of cooking, is the versatility of batter incomparable? Probably. Use batter as a delicious coating for myriad fried foods, including fish, meat portions, sausages, veg and more. Add colour, texture and flavour to foods in a fun, entirely hassle-free way. But none of that awesome usability matters one jot, does it, if the batter quality simply doesn’t quite pass muster?

The good news is that high-quality batter needn’t come at a high price. No way.

Batter at a competitive price

At a competitive price, B&C can offer food companies and restaurants everywhere two types of mouth-watering batter:

  • NORMAL – for that traditional, good old British chip shop taste that we’ve all grown up with, and still love today. Treat your customers’ taste-buds to timeless flavour by using batter with just the right lift when applied and cooked properly. Coating your foods in B&C NORMAL Batter means giving the public what they want: wonderfully crispy, naturally golden, tasty batter, every time.

(Tummy rumbling yet?!)

  • GOLD ­– golden fried fish accompanied by a mountain of chips, mushy peas and curry sauce. Mama Mia! What an appetising image that conjures, doesn’t it? Switch to using high-quality GOLD Batter from B&C and your customers will worship you for it. Tastes great. Looks great. And comes at a great price. So, what’s not to like?

Don’t compromise. Insist upon using only B&C batter and you won’t regret it. Consistency and quality of taste, texture and colour is what you can look forward to when using our batter at your manufacturing facility or eatery, wherever you are in the world. What’s more, there’s no other ingredients required — saving you time, labour and hassle, not to mention £££.

Ordering is easy, and delivery is super-fast

Get your batter sorted. Stock up on B&C’s NORMAL or GOLD batter TODAY. Look forward to speedy delivery. Then, enjoy simply mixing your batter with water. Leave to stand for an hour or so. Apply thinly to food. Then fry. What could be batter than that!?

Get in touch now and let’s get cooking!