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Freshen up your menu quickly and easily, by adding new and exciting products from us

At B&C, we’re always listening to our customers’ demands: any requirements you may have, to offer your customers even more. If you’re looking to retain buyers and find new ones by offering a broader choice at your restaurant, or perhaps to breathe new life into your company’s own food products list, WE CAN HELP.

Look what’s new!

We’re always working on new products, making it impossible to list them all here. But here’s just some of the latest ones we’ve developed recently — taste bud-tingling treats that are already proving a winner with food-lovers across the Globe:

  • Chicken Gravy – rich and tasty, this chicken gravy just LOVES being poured over fries. What’s more, the B&C team has created its unique flavour without the fried grits from the bottom of the fryer. Simply add hot water and stir, ready to serve. Delicious.
  • Meat GlazePeri-Peri and Mexican. What do you fancy? Whichever one you choose, look forward to a marinade-style glaze that’s full flavoured and garnished with all the right herbs, for added visual impact. B&C’s glazes can be used to effortlessly coat and flavour all types of meat. Or why not smother a glaze over some mouth-watering chicken, enhancing the eating experience all the more? Simply marinade for 12-24 hours, roast, and you’re good to go.
  • Breading CoatingsPepper Steak and Salted Chilli. What a lively pair! These two superb coatings/dusts are made from a huge range of herbs and spices, to create a positive EXPLOSION of taste and flavour. Suitable for coating both cooked and raw meat. Whichever way you use it, brace yourself for INCENDIARY dining!

  • Fish Masala – An extravagantly rich blend of spices, all combining perfectly to offer a full, rounded flavour. Easy to use and suitable for all white fish. Grab it.
  • BBQ powdered sauce – Deep. Rich. Well-balanced. Ideal for ribs and wings. If you’ve been scouring the planet for an easy and economical way to make a BBQ sauce, your search is over. For good.

Don’t get left behind

Businesses that trade successfully and grow year-on-year are the ones that never stand still. By moving with the times, always looking to improve, and meeting changing customer demand with fast supply, you’re maintaining your competitive edge. Let the talented B&C team help you to stay ahead of the rest, by working with you to add new items to your product range, or – if you’re a restaurant or some other kind of eatery – delicious new delights to your menu.

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