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All types of breading available, using only the finest flour; and allowing you to meet your customers’ breading requirements, with ease

If it’s world-class breading you require at a competitive price, look no further than B&C. As accredited market leaders in the provision of breading and coating products to other food companies and restaurants worldwide, we’re recognised as the breading company that ‘sets the standard’.

Why is it important to choose your breading well?
Because breading is said to be more important than the chicken to the customer’s eating experience.

All your breading issues SOLVED

Whether you manage a food company or an eatery offering breaded dishes, you need a breading supplier who’ll never let you down when it comes to 1) the quality of the breading, and 2) delivering your breading in the specified quantities, to the correct address, and always on time. B&C can tick all boxes, providing you with breading supply excellence, all-year-round.

Let us ‘take the breading pressure’ off. Place a breading order with us and think: What a relief. Teaming up with B&C means our entire breading requirements will always be expertly taken care of.

Breading celebrated by chefs as being: “As good as breading gets”

Really. Our globally popular, superb-quality breading range is incomparably diverse, and includes:

  • 2 Step Flour Red – high-quality flour with extra proteins.
  • 2 Step Flour Blue – high-quality flour for an excellent Chicken Base Mix (comes conveniently packed in 11kg and 16kg).
  • 2 Step Combo – we’ve blended our 2 Step Flour with a blend of 2 Step Spice 2.58kg, to make 13.5kg, also for your convenience.
  • Southern Fried Style Breading – offers a blend of high-quality flour with balanced spices, offering a fully rounded flavour, creating that traditional Southern Fried Chicken taste (with visible pepper) that we all know and love.

As well as:

  • Original Breading – versatile breading with a slightly lighter flavour, but still nicely balanced.

  • Spicy/Hot Double Breading, Highly Seasoned and Spiced Breading –Heat and flavour. Breading to savour. Taste-bud tingling and satisfying. And did we mention that it’s absolutely ideal for spicy wings and strips?
  • Crispy Wing Breading – Incredibly crispy and crunchy breading, purposely designed for wings, strips and fillets. When succulent chicken is double-coated and cooked you and your customers will be blown away (check out our Gallery). It will add around 13-15 per cent volume to the size of your chicken pieces, making it irresistibly attractive to the eye.

A TOTAL breading service, right to your door

With ordering and payment being secure and fast, and delivery being speedy and reliable, making B&C your breading supplier is a no-brainer. Numerous food companies and restaurants are already benefiting from everything that B&C has to offer. Come and join them!

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