Nashville Fried Chicken

B&C are proud to introduce new for 2023

Be ready, B&C Are!!! for the new fast foods craze hitting our shores from the good old USA, Yep its Nashville Fried Chicken…..

B&C are one step ahead of the UK food manufacturing industry!! We are ready!!! B&C have completed their full development and field testing for our complete range B&C Nashville products with amazing results.

Thinking !!! what the Hell is Nashville Chicken…

Take a prime tender, soak in B&C Nashville marinade, then double bread in B&C Crispy Nashville Breading, open fry and when cooked, dip in B&C Nashville paprika flavoured warm oil, (At this stage you are thinking fried Chicken dipped in more oil, Boy it works and BOY It`s good) then dust the hot oil drenched Chicken with the Magic B&C Nashville Dust..

  • Mild – Jump in and have a go

  • Hot – It`s getting Hot in here

  • Ex Hot – Man UP

  • Insane – Yep it is insanely ready to challenge

Serve open on any form of bread or bun with a good dollop of Comeback sauce (Burger style mayonnaise Sauce) add pickled gherkins and of course fries covered in B&C Nashville Chip Salt…… WOW Clucking Amazing !!!!!!!!

(Makes a Great Wrap or Burger…. Red with flavoured oil, dusted just how you like IT…… It a Winner what’s there not to like?)

Tasting is believing this new style of eating your favourite Fried Chicken…..

The B&C Nashville Range

  • Marinade

  • Dusting

  • Mild

  • Hot

  • Ex Hot

  • Insane

  • Nashville Oil

  • Chip Dust

  • Comeback Sauce

Get in touch now and let’s get cooking!