Add extra flavour with B&C’s concentrated and versatile seasonings

Add to B&C Chicken Breading at a ratio of 10%, or dust over fried chicken, for that all-important wow-factor

Not all food needs livening up. But when it does, seasoning is what you need. B&C seasoning, to be exact. Why? Because no one ‘does’ herbs and spices quite like us. And that’s not us bragging; it’s what our customers tell us!

Not only are we market leaders in all things seasoning, we never rest on our laurels. We’re developing new seasoning products all the time, and even offer a Bespoke Service, if that’s what you’re looking for?

Here’s the range, then:

  • Lemon Pepper – ideal for chicken and fish, and with just the right amount of zest. The lemon combined with black pepper makes for a perfect blend, one that certainly gives food a lift, but without ever feeling overpowering. Add 10% to original chicken breading.
  • Southern Fried Lemon Pepper with added Bell Pepper – An interesting mix, isn’t it? Truth is, Southern Fried food-lovers can’t get enough of it. It’s ideal for all occasions, too. Customers love the southern take that the Bell Pepper adds, and the product’s overall versatility.
  • BBQ – Don’t even think about firing up those grills until your B&C BBQ Seasoning has arrived and is unpacked and ready to sprinkle. Just the word barbeque gets your mouth watering, doesn’t it? Burgers, steaks, chicken, fries… Oh, my. BBQ Seasoning from us can be used all-year-round. Don’t wait till summer!
  • Kebab – Is there anything greater tasting than a great tasting kebab? Exactly. But how do you make sure your kebabs are truly awesome? By using B&C Kebab Seasoning, that’s how. We’ve smashed it. With beef, lamb or chicken, B&C Kebab Seasoning is ideal – the key to kebab success, and therefore a must-buy for every fast food kebab outlet in the country.
  • Steak – Never overdo things when it comes to preparing steak. Keep it simple. Find yourself a proven all-purpose steak seasoning, and you’re good to go. B&C Steak Seasoning is exactly that and is established as a must-include in countless restaurants’ spice racks worldwide. Being made from pantry staples, it’s unfussy yet effective.
    For insane results, sprinkle over both sides of the steak before frying.
    What’s more, B&C Steak Seasoning can also be used on pork, fish, chicken, vegetables and other delectable delights. Got yours yet?
  • Burger Version 1 – To add more meaty flavour, B&C Burger Version 1 is what you need, and nothing less. Bringing out the best in a burger, and enhancing its taste is SO easy now thanks to, who else, but the burger-loving B&C team.

As well as:

  • Burger Version 2 – To add that freshly seasoned taste, Burger Version 2 is the solution. Quick Tip: Sprinkle on both sides of the burger for optimised taste.
  • Jerk – prepare for something super-spicy, just the way the good people of Jamaica like their food. What’s also great about B&C Jerk Seasoning is that it possesses just the right amount of sweet, giving it a wholly authentic Caribbean flavour. Sprinkle it on all manner of foods, then sit back and simply let the Jerk do the work!
  • Cajun – Yep, Cajun folk certainly know their onions. And their spices! As a medium-hot chilli, Cajun can add heat, but not to a tongue-blistering level. That makes it as versatile as it’s tasty. Handy. B&C Cajun Seasoning is often picked out by our customers as their “all-time favourite”. Maybe its sheer usability has something to do with it? Steaks, chicken, sausages, even some seafood can get added flavour from a sprinkle of our Cajun seasoning. And its red colour lends an immediate ‘Louisiana’ feel to the whole darn dining experience!

And the Daddy of all seasonings:

  • Peri-Peri – Ready to ‘go wild’ in the kitchen? Great, cos B&C’s fiery and versatile Peri-Peri Seasoning uses only the very best hand-picked chilli peppers. Burgers love it, so does chicken, and don’t even get us started on peri-peri seasoned kebabs!

Get in touch now and let’s get cooking!