A range of fabulously flavoursome marinades so varied, you’ll feel positively spoilt for choice

Having the patience to slowly tenderise meat before cooking can really pay off. Unquestionably, good quality marinades can play an integral role in that tenderising process. Leave meat or chicken to tenderise for up to 24 hours in a marinade and – after grilling or frying – look forward to giving your customers food with a considerably enhanced texture and flavour.

There’s a whole host of marinades to choose from

B&C’s extensive range of marinades includes ALL this:

  • Peri-Peri Base Marinade – Pour a lavish amount of this popular hot pepper marinade over chicken, then sit tight. Patience really is the key. Once you grill or fry it after tenderising, your taste-buds – and those of your guests or customers – will LOVE you for your fortitude
  • Xtra Hot Marinade – Have a fire extinguisher ready for this one, folks (just kidding!). Prepare for a sizzling culinary experience, though. There’s hot, and then there’s Xtra hot. And no one does Xtra hot quite like B&C.
  • Southern Fried Style Marinade – Who doesn’t love Southern Fried? Transform an ordinary chicken dish to a mouth-watering southern American classic. Simply cover the chicken in B&C Southern Fried Style Marinade and leave to tenderise, before cooking it up for your eager customers. Enjoy ya’ll!
  • Mexican Marinade – Ariba! Ariba! Bursting with authentic Mexican flavour, B&C Mexican Marinade is ideal for pork, chicken, fish, steaks, and more. Its unashamedly bold flavour somehow instantly transports you to bustling Tijuana (“Would you like a stack of hot tortillas with that, buddy?!”)

As well as:

  • BBQ Marinade – Quite possibly the Fast Food Industry’s most trusted marinade for BBQ dishes. Purchase with confidence, pour over food, leave to tenderise, and cook, feeling 100 per cent confident that the results will be well-worth waiting for.
  • Hot & Spicy Marinade – Holy moly. If it wasn’t a marinade it’d be Anthony Joshua! Yep, this one packs one heck of a punch, but – if used right – can also propel exquisite piquancy into a whole new stratosphere, especially when poured over tender and juicy chicken pieces. Use it to marinade steaks, too – it’s as versatile as it’s scorching. What a knockout!

  • Tikka Marinade – No Tandoori restaurant should be without it. FACT. Create awesomely authentic chicken tikka dishes (as if flown in directly from the Indian subcontinent), simply by insisting upon only using B&C Tikka Marinade at your restaurant or fast food outlet, wherever you’re located in the world.
  • Jerk Marinade – Ever been to the Caribbean? Good, then you’ll know all about Jerk. It’s an aromatic Jamaican culinary classic. Chicken marinated with at once spicy and sweet B&C Jerk Marinade, served up with rice and peas is simply taste-bud and tummy heaven – quintessential Jamaican taste captured to perfection. No wonder B&C Jerk Marinade is a pantry staple in myriad restaurant kitchens worldwide.

But WAIT! Feeling overwhelmed now? Bamboozled and bombarded by all this marinade magic? Still unsure which delicious B&C marinade is exactly the right one to meet your business’s particular needs? Don’t fret. Simply get in touch with the friendly and knowledgeable B&C team. We’re always happy to help and can provide free expert advice.

What’s more, we’re developing and bringing to market new marinade products all the time. So, do return to this website regularly, to keep your finger on the pulse of ‘all things marinades’ – enormously popular products formulated and tested by the UK’s leading marinade manufacturer.

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