Chip Seasoning

A simple sprinkle is all it takes, to boost taste AND profits

An excellent range of dusting chip salts

Come on, who doesn’t like chips? They’re quick and easy to make, they’re tasty, and they’re everywhere! But WAIT. Chips might be undeniably ubiquitous, but not all chips are the same. Far from it. And taste bud-tingling chips don’t just magically appear by happenstance. The secret’s in the seasoning — as long as it’s the right seasoning, that is…

The world’s gone CRAZY over B&C Chip Seasoning/Salt/Spice and Dust

It’s true. Just as there’s no such thing as a free lunch, there’s no such thing as ‘fluke fries’. Forget about it. Sensational seasoning is what it takes, to make sensational chips. Adding seasoning to chips will improve their texture and flavour, every time. Adding B&C chip seasoning will positively transform them.

Why should other businesses offer chips like that, but not yours?

Join the UK’s ‘Elite Fries Force’ by switching to B&C as your chip seasoning provider TODAY

All B&C chip seasonings come in a convenient Shaker Pack. Choose from:

  • Peri-Peri – an undeniably lip-smacking seasoning made from a globally popular hot pepper. Don’t worry that it might be a tad too lively, though. B&C’s Per-Peri Chip Seasoning has been specially created to be not too hot or salty, but ‘just right’.
  • Nacho Cheese – a delightful seasoning blend that works great on chips, but doesn’t end there. Dust it on other foods (anyone for popcorn?), sprinkle it on tortilla chips… whatever you use it for, serve up and watch your customers’ eyes slowly close with pleasure, at the very first bite
  • BBQ – because no Chip Seasonings range would be complete without it, would it? Probably one of the most commonly used seasonings for chips across the world, BBQ Chip Seasoning from B&C has just the right amount of paprika, and is perfectly blended to satisfy flavoured fries devotees everywhere on Earth
  • Rosemary & Lemon – it had to happen. When B&C turned their attention to creating a perfectly blended Rosemary & Lemon chip seasoning, it was only a matter of time before it became a bestseller. Tried it yet? It’s ‘simply the zest!’ It’s versatile, too. Sprinkle it over chips, fish, chicken and even popcorn.

  • American Red – Give chips (and other foods) a boost with ease, by sprinkling B&C American Red, for that authentic across the pond taste. Traditional salt? Enough already! American Red is where it’s at when it comes to livening up chips, burgers, summer barbeque favourites, and more (Just don’t sprinkle any on a Big Apple!)

All are available as low-salt options, and all can be ordered and delivered direct to your door without delay, wherever you are on the planet. Sprinkle on your uncooked chips, pop them in the fryer, then look forward to serving them simply on their own as spiced fries, or along with burgers, chicken, sausages…

Or, hey, why not create your own?

Our Custom/Bespoke Service will enable you to create your very own secret chip salt! Our friendly team will expertly guide you through our product development service.

Get in touch now and let’s get cooking!