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Tailored Recipes! Private custom-made products, authentic recipe replications, packaging, labelling, the LOT


B&C’s full and comprehensive Bespoke Service provides a wonderful option for food companies and restaurants everywhere. It’s a service that very few of our competitors offer, and one that none can match. At least, that’s what our many happy customers tell us!

Why not join them?

Get recognised in your own right

Is this you?

  • Do you require a custom-made product?
  • Are you looking for a producer of your own recipe?
  • Do you need a recipe replicated?

If the answer is yes to one or all of those questions, look no further. B&C are past-masters at creating bespoke products and replicating flavours exactly, always rising successfully to the challenge of creating (or recreating) even the most complex recipe formula.

Choosing B&C means refusing to settle for anything less than perfection. A ‘that’ll do’ attitude to bespoke food creation is simply not in our dedicated team’s DNA. We’re only 100 per cent satisfied with the finished product if you are.

Now let’s rearrange DNA to make…

Giving you complete peace of mind

Our Bespoke Service covers products, packaging and labelling you can relax. We’re focused upon helping you to become recognised in your own right, with a distinct identity and winning recipes that help you to STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD.

And, hey, with your product ideas, combined with our experience, expertise and world-class facilities, that’s a brilliant blend right there!

Quite frankly, we can’t wait to get started

Simply get in touch with us directly TODAY; again, with confidentiality over all proposed recipe replication and custom-made food product ideas being guaranteed.

We look forward to discussing your requirements with you, and then getting to work on making the food product you might have had in your head for some time, a reality, at last. And – thanks to our speedy yet thorough Bespoke Service, and super-fast delivery – sooner than you think!

Bespoke products
Bespoke products
Bespoke products

Bespoke Personal Development Service

Development Service…. Criteria

Start 11am – finish 3pm.

Maximum six Products with exception of Nashville Core range of seven products.

Two sets of samples, one to be used on the day, one to take away with you with amendments if required.

Day to consist of full product development, cook-off, equipment to be used, Henny Penny, Open Fryer, Rational, Grill & Holding Cabinet.

Food to use on the day all being Halal, Chicken Tenders, Prime Wings, nine cut Chicken, Thighs & Fries (all other meat required to be discussed).

Cost of Development Day £900 + VAT.

All additional amended/development samples will be charged at £50 per sample.

Get in touch now and let’s get cooking!